1. How do I get a library card?

In order to obtain a library card, you must show a valid photo California ID. If you do not have a valid California ID, any valid ID and a piece of mail with your current address on it will work, such as a utility bill, a printed check and government documents are common forms of ID.Replace it with, If you are age 16 or under, your parent or guardian must sign a paper application, if you are age 16 or older you can register online to get access to our online resources here.




2. How do I borrow library materials?

The Circulation Desk is located at the main entrance of the Library. You can’t miss it. The friendly staff there will be able to help you check out books and other library materials. You also use the self-checkout machines located by the Circulation Desk.

3. How much are fines?

For Children's materials the fines are 10 cents per day, for adult materials .20 cents per day. There is a cap of $3.00 for Children's materials and $5.00 for adult materials. Audio-visual materials accrue fines of $1.00 per day with a cap of $10.00.

4. Where do I return materials?

When the library is open, you should return materials to the book drops located outside by the front doors at the Main Library. At the branches, you may return materials to the Checkout Desk, or to the outside book drops.Please check materials to make sure that you have not left anything important in books and magazines and that the videos are the ones that you checked out. You would be surprised at the things we have found inside of returned books and videos!  Please make sure to use the separate drop box for videos at the Main Library.

5. How do I find Library materials?

Library materials are included in the Library’s on-line public access catalog. 

If you need help, the Reference Staff will be happy to provide assistance. The Reference staff can help you use the on-line catalog and other databases available to you in the Library.

6. What if a book is not on the shelf or the library doesn’t own it?

If the book is checked out, a reserve can be placed on it for you. When the book comes in you will be notified by email, phone or text. If the Library does not own the book, the Reference Staff can help you determine which libraries nearby have the book, if you want to go pick it up. Alternatively, you can request an interlibrary loan from another library system that owns the title. Click here for our on-line ILL request form. When a book is requested through interlibrary loan, you will be notified when it arrives.

The Library also accepts requests from the public to purchase books.

7. How many items may I borrow at a time?

Total items 50 Items max
Audiobooks 5 Items 
DVDs 5 Items
CDs 5 Items
Magazines 10 Items