Homebound Delivery Services


What is Homebound Delivery? 

The Alameda Free Library offers free delivery of materials to residents unable to visit the Library. We offer material selection, delivery and pick up services. 
Materials are carefully selected to reflect your interests and are delivered to your home or residential living location. 

Getting Started is Easy. 

Just give us a call at: 


Someone from our friendly Homebound staff will contact you to conduct a simple interview with you to learn about your favorite topics, authors and interests.

How many items will I receive? 

This depends on your preference. Most people find that 4 to 5 items per delivery is enough to keep them engaged. We can make any adjustments you need. Our delivery bags hold about 6—8 books. 

When will I receive the materials? 

Materials are delivered to your residence or the front desk of your living community on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, usually between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. 

Books are checked out to you for four weeks, and we do not charge overdue fines to homebound patrons. Please be aware that others may be waiting for the more popular books. 

When you wish to return your books and receive new ones, please call the Homebound number ahead of time to schedule a date. We can also arrange for weekly delivery. 

Home Delivery Items Include: 

Large Print 
DVD’s (some Blu-ray) 
Music CD’s 

What can I request? 

Any material that can be checked out, can be requested. You may request specific titles or our staff will be happy to select materials based on your interests. If the Library does not own an item you would like to read, we can borrow it from another library. Basic reference information is also available by phone. 

Reference Desk: