Friendship and Bullies, grades K-3

Friendship and Bullies, grades K-3

AFL's picture books about friendship and bullies
appropriate for children in grades K-3

Picture books provide a thoughtful, provocative way to engage students in conversation and can be used to bring together disparate age groups to talk about the same topic, such as bullying and friendship. From simply sharing a story about being different to reading a book that directly addresses an ongoing issue at a specific school or classroom, adults can challenge students to think creatively about how they treat one another/make friends and help them talk about what they see happening around them.

A Porcupine Named Fluffy, Lester, H.

All for Me and None for All, Lester, H.

Arthur’s April Fool, Brown, M.

Best Friends for Frances, Hoban, R.

Best Friends, Cohen, M.

Bill and Pete, DePaola, T.

Biscuit Finds a Friend, Caucilli, A.

Black Belt, Faulkner, M.

Bootsie Barker Bites, Bottner, B.

Bubble Gum Radar, Wells, R.

Bully, Caseley, J.

Chester’s Way, Henkes, K.

Corduroy, Feeman, D

Chrysanthemum, Henkes, K.

Crowboy, Yashima, T

David and Dog, Hughes, S.

David’s Father, Munsch, R.

Dog Eared, Harvey, A.

Each Kindness, Woodson, J.

Eddie Longpants, Levert, M

Effie, Allison, B.

Enemy Pie, Munson, D.

Friends, Heinie, H.

Frog and Toad Are friends, Lobel, A.

Frog and Toad together, Lobel, A.

Goggles!, Keats, E

Help! A story about Friendship,  H. Keller

Hooway for Wodney Wat, Lester, H

Hug Me, Stren, P.

Hurty Feelings, Lester, H.

I am So Strong, Ramos, M.

I’m not Oscar’s Friend Anymore, Sharmat, M.

I’m Sorry, Mc Bratney, S.

I Repeat, Don’t Cheat, Cuyler, M.

Ira Sleeps Over, Waber, B.

Jerome Camps Out, Christelow, E

Jessica, Henkes, K.

Kermit the Hermit, Peet, B.

King of the Playground, Naylor, P.

 Listen Buddy, Lester

Little Bear, Waddel

Making Friends, Rogers, F.

Martha Walks the Dog, Meddaugh, S

May I Bring a Friend?, De Regniers, B.

Me First, Lester, H.

Millicent and the Wind,  Munsch, R.

Misery Moo, Willis, J.

Miss Tizzy, Gray, L

Mr. Gumpy’s Outing, Burningham, J.

Mr. Nick’s Knitting, Wild, M.

My Best Friend, Hutchins, P.

My Friend is Sad (or) Can I Play Too, Willems, M.

My Secret Bully, Ludwig

Nobody Knew What to Do, McCain

Pinky & Rex and the Bully, Howe, J.

Play with Me, Ets, M.

Recess Queen, Ludwig, T.

Rose and Dorothy, Schwartz, R.

Scaredy Squirrel makes a Friend, Watt, M.

Sneaky Weasel, Shaw, H.

Something to Crow About, Lane, Megan H

Spoon, Rosenthal, A

Strong Man: The Story of Charles Atlas, MCCARTHY, M. (biography)

Swimmy, Lionni, L.

The Ant Bully, Nickle, J.

The Biggest Nose, Caple, K.

The Bunyip of Berkely Creek, Wagner, J.

The Grouchy Ladybug, Carle, E.

The Golden Rule, Cooper, I.

The Lamb and the Butterfly, Sundgaard, A.

The Other Side, Woodson, J.

The Rat and the Tiger, Kasza, K.

The Wizard, the Fairy, and the Magic Chicken, Lester, H

Oliver Button Is a Sissy, De Paoloa  T.

Superdog: Heart of a Hero, Buehner, C.

Very Best (almost) Friends—Poems of Friendship, P. Janeczko, J 811.008

Wanted: Best Friend, Monson, A.

We are Best Fiends, Aliki

Weslandia. Fleischman, P.. 

Wilfrid Gordon MacDonald Partridge, Fox, M.

Yo! Yes?, Raschka, C.

Yoko (or) Yoko’s World of Kindess, Wells, R.

Yo-Yo Man, Pinkwater, D.

You will Be My Friend, Brown, P.

Zella, Zack, and Zodiac, Peet, B.