Lucky Day Collection


The Lucky Day Collection

  1. What is the Lucky Day Collection?

    The Lucky Day Collection is a collection of highly popular books that are available for immediate check-out. If you find a book on the Lucky Day shelf, you can immediately check it out even when there are multiple holds on the same title in our regular collection. If it's on the shelf, it’s your “Lucky Day!” The AFL Lucky Day Collection currently consists of adult bestselling fiction and nonfiction books.

  2. How long can I check out a Lucky Day book for?

    Lucky Day books can be checked out for 21 days, with no renewals.

  3. How many Lucky Day books can I check out at one time?
    Patrons are allowed to check out two (2) lucky day books at a time.

  4. What else should I know?
  • Lucky Day books cannot be placed on hold.
  • Lucky Day books are not listed in the Alameda Free Library online catalog.
  • Lucky Day books are shelved in designated areas at all three Alameda Free Library locations.