Alameda Free Reading room and Library Association formed with merchant Thomas A. Smith, as President and Joseph Lorber as Librarian. Collection with 330 volumes opens August  25th in building Smith owns on the west side of the 1600 block of Park St. near Railroad Ave. (now Lincoln Ave.)

Library moves to upstairs room in the recently opened Park Opera House at the southwest corner of Park St. and Buena Vista Ave. 

The property of the Free Reading Room and Library Association is transferred to the town of Alameda after the State of California passed the Rogers Act of 1878 to establish and maintain Free Public Libraries and Reading Rooms and vesting in municipal Boards of Trustees the power to appoint Library Trustees. GH Stipp is elected Librarian and the first Library Board is appointed. 

Library moves to recently opened Tucker Building at the southeast corner of Park St. and Santa Clara Ave., occupying quarters above the town's post office.

Library moves to upper floor of a newly completed building owned by merchant Fritz Boehmer at 1407-1413 Park St., which becomes known as "Library Block"

West End Reading Room established on Webster St. 

Library moves to west wing on second floor of the newly dedicated City Hall

With a gift of $35,000 from Andrew Carnegie, ground is broken for a new main library at the southwest corner of Santa Clara Ave. and Oak St., opposite City Hall.

Library dedicated on April 16th. Alameda population is 16,000. The collection size is now 26,749 volumes.

The West End Reading Room , located in the former Regent Theatre Building at 1453 Webster St., recognized as the Webster Street Branch of the Alameda Free Library

Children's services move out of the Main Library into the Boys and Girls Library in a remodeled house located next door on Oak St. Alameda's population has now doubled and stands at 32,000.

West End Branch Library opens at Santa Clara Ave. and Eighth Street; financed by grant funds from the Public Works Administration and profits from the Alameda Municipal Electric Light Plant.

Friends of the Library founded to raise funds to enhance the Library's materials and services and to raise awareness about the need for Library expansion.

Bay Farm Island Branch Library opens at Harbor Bay Isle in cooperation with Alameda Recreation and Parks Dept., aided by $5,000 grant from the Friends of the Library.

The Main Library moves from the Carnegie Library into interim space in the Historic Alameda High School on Central Ave. The Alameda Free Library Foundation is also formed.

15.5 million state grant awarded for new Main Library

Ground is broken for new library.

New library opens at 1550 Oak St. on November 2.

Library celebrates its 10th anniversary at 1550 Oak St.