Printing Services

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Wireless Printing at the Alameda Free Library

 With our MobilePrint Service™, you can use your personal computer or mobile device to print to the library’s printers from anywhere. Simply submit documents for printing and come to the library to release and pick up your document.


Print from a laptop or desktop computer at the Main library, from home or from work:

laptop print

  • Begin by visiting the printer link of the Main Library
  • Select the printer and enter your email address.
  • Browse your computer to find and select the file you wish to print.
  • Click the green print icon [or forward button, depending on how system is configured]. You will see the status of your print job and a reference number.
  • At the Print Release Station in the library, select your print job.
  • Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.

Your print job will be printed!

 How to print from tablet or smartphone app: 




  • Visit your device’s ‘store’ for apps, install and launch the PrinterOn App (links above).
  • Click “No printer selected”.
  • click 'Location' at the bottom of the app
  • Find the library/printer you would like to pick up your print at.
  • Click “Search”. Search for your location/library.
  • Find AFL Alameda Free Library and select the printer you want to print at.
  • To print:
  • Documents: when viewing the document, click in the upper right corner and upload the document to the PrinterOn App.


Your print job will be printed!


 How to use email to send something directly to the library print system: 


 Forward an email from any device directly to the library’s print system at

Main Library

West End Branch

Bay Farm Island Branch


At the Print Release Station at the Main Library, select “Release a Print Job”. (at BFI and WEB, please confirm with a staff member to release your print job)

Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.

Your print job will be printed!

    Safety Measures: Please remember to wear a face covering when picking up your print job and keep at least six feet of distance between yourself and other library patrons and staff.
    Questions: Send an email to our Reference staff at and we will try to get back to you within 1-2 days.