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Hotspots are now available for checkout at the library! 

What is a hotspot?

A portable Wi-Fi (wifi) hotspot is a pocket-sized mobile device. It uses Wi-Fi to help you connect your devices to the internet without having to plug into anything. Examples of devices you could use with a Wi-Fi hotspot are Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets, laptops, and smartphones. 

Hotspots do not retain any personal data. 

Lending Policy

  • Three week loan, with no renewals
  • One Mobile Hotspot per library card
  • Please return the entire kit at the Check-out desk and not in the book drop.
  • If the hotspots are overdue it will be suspended and unusable.  If they are not returned 3 weeks past the due date you will be charged for the total amount of $50 until they are returned.
  • Replacement cost for each item: Hotspot $30; Hotspot case $15; Charging cables $5


  1. Power on the Hotspot
    Tap the power (on/off) button for 2 seconds until the display turns on.
  2. Wi-Fi name and password are displayed on the included card. 
  3. Connect to the internet
    Open your devices ‘settings’ program. Click the Wi-Fi option to view the available networks around you. Select your Hotspot’s Wi-Fi name, and connect.Enter the passcode when prompted.