Special Checkouts

Seed Library

Green Thumbs, Green Minds is dedicated to increasing library usage and community involvement, food independence in Alameda, transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next, and the diversity of edible plant life and nurturing strains suited to Alameda’s specific environment. The Seed Library is located in the Main Library, 1550 Oak Street, Alameda.

Printable Resources

    General information about the Seed Library

           English(DOC, 351KB)    Chinese(DOC, 354KB)    Spanish(DOC, 393KB)

      How to save seeds

           English(DOC, 480KB)    Chinese(DOC, 483KB)    Spanish(DOC, 918KB)

If you are looking for seeds for a particular plant and can’t find them, then look up their family name in the Plant Index, which is available at the Seed Library and below.

         Plant Index - English(PDF, 203KB)

         Plant Index - Spanish(PDF, 90KB)

Other Resources


          Alameda County Master Gardeners

          BASIL (Bay Area Seed Interchange Library)

          Ploughshares Nursery

      Gardening Calendar courtesy of Alameda County Master Gardeners


Tool Lending Library

The Tool Lending Library is focused on handheld gardening equipment. The tools are searchable through our catalog with images of the tools. To see a list of all tools type “Tool Lending Library” as a keyword. Tools check out for one week and must be returned to the Main Library’s front desk in clean and working order. Late fees are $1/day and there are fees for dirty tools.

Located on the second floor of the Alameda Free Library at 1550 Oak Street, Alameda.

The Tool Lending Library is made possible by a grant from the Bay Area Library and Information System Innovation Fund Program BALIS,with the assistance of Ploughshares Nursery

Brochures and Forms for Tool Library

Brochure-English(PDF, 281KB)

Brochure - Espanol(PDF, 280KB)

Tool Library Waiver Form(PDF, 6KB)

Tool Library Waiver Form - Espanol(PDF, 6KB)


Libraries Outside Backpacks

The Alameda Free Library provides backpacks for checkout. There are a total of 18 circulating packs which are available for a 3-week checkout. Each pack contains a pair of binoculars, a First Aid kit, 5 pocket-sized field guides, and a packet of information from our parks partners that includes park information, trail maps/guides, Junior Ranger type activities, and more. Please request a pack at the Check Out Desk of any Alameda Free Library location. 

GoPro Cameras

The Alameda Free Library has 7 GoPro camera kits available for a 3-week checkout. Each kit comes in a camera case and includes the Hero3+ camera, waterproof housing, a number of different mounts, HDMI cables, 64GB memory card, and a selfie stick. Tripods are also available. Please request these items at the main Check Out desk at the Main Library, 1550 Oak Street.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Pick up a jigsaw puzzle to complement your next adventure! Puzzles range in difficulty from 500-1500 pieces. Puzzles may be checked out for 3 weeks. Check them out at, and return them to, the Reference Desk on the second floor at the Main Library, 1550 Oak Street.

Board Games

Board games for all ages are available for check out. There are "old school" games as well as brand new games. Try one out. Games may be checked out for 3 weeks. Check them out, and return them to, the Children's Desk on the first floor at the Main Library, 1550 Oak Street