All Your Favorite Music is (Probably) Black

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Join us for All Your Favorite Music is (Probably) Black, a humorous, highly immersive, and historically accurate talk that uncovers the African-American roots of popular music genres that appear to be free of African-Americans. Utilizing a rich audiovisual presentation, Mark Montgomery French reveals the sonic secrets behind African-Americans’ cultural invisibility within the musical categories they helped define. You can watch this at 1pm on August 15 on Facebook Live at

 San Francisco-native Mark Montgomery French is an award-winning film composer with the group Spiky Blimp, an award-winning Creative Director with 20+ years of presentation experience, and a staff writer for PopMatters noted for “29 Black Music Documentaries for Black History Month 2020” and his series Contrastography. He was formerly the co-leader of the ’90s progressive funk band Endangered Species. Learn more at


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  • Saturday, February 01, 2020 | 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM


Main Library