There are lots of opportunities for volunteers aged 16 and over at the library.

Our current openings include:

  • Sorting and shelving
  • Preparing checked in materials for shelving, shelving materials, and maintaining shelved materials
  • Greeting customers and providing directions to the library's staff and facilities
  • Providing computer instruction Special Projects
  • Teen Volunteer Opportunities, including writing book reviews

If you are interested in spending some time working with us, please:

  1. Download and complete the Volunteer Application Form(PDF, 21KB)  and leave it at any library branch. Another option: fill out and submit online
  2. You will be contacted for a brief in-person or telephone interview
  3. You can request, be selected for, and then placed into a particular job or jobs
  4. You will receive orientation including a tour of the building, introduction to the library staff, and review of the volunteer policy
  5. There will be additional job orientation and training for your volunteer job.

Other notes to consider:

  • The library does not provide hours for court-mandated community service.
  • Volunteers between 7th and 10th grade can work as a voluntween at children's.
  • More volunteer opportunities can be found at our sister organization in Friends of the Alameda Free Library:

If you would like more information, please email Volunteer Coordinator Brian Trieu at btrieu@alamedaca.gov