Main Library Computer Lab


 The Computer Lab is a space at the Main Library where patrons can find a quiet space for internet access, learn how to use computers, as well as where classes are held on Tuesday evenings (as scheduled). We have 20 Windows 10 PCs in the room for patron use as well as printing capabilities charged by the page.  

Open Lab Hours

The Main Library Computer Lab is open to the public during the week at these times unless otherwise noted:

Sundays: 1-5pm
Mondays: 2-5pm
Tuesdays: 3-8pm (3-5 if there is a scheduled class)
Wednesdays: 2-5pm
Thursdays: 10-2pm

Questions can be further forwarded to the Computer Lab Technician at

Upcoming Computer Lab Workshop: Staying Safe Online | June 6th, 2023

Join us in the Main Library Computer Lab to learn about ways to stay safe online. This event will introduce and cover the basics of creating safe passwords, managing them on your personal devices, to knowing whether to trust things that may pop up while surfing the internet. We’ll also cover various ways to save your passwords across your personal devices, such as introducing various password managers such as 1Password and BitWarden. This event will be held at the Main Library Computer Lab on June 6th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. This series will be for all ages. This session will be in a lecture/open question format, and based on Windows 10 PC Systems. Prerequisites for the sessions would be knowing one’s email address and password to work on the computers in the lab. Feel free to bring a personal device to follow along with. 
Please join us. Registration is requested as there are limited spots in the computer lab

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