Exam Proctoring Guidelines

Exam Proctoring


The Reference Department of the Alameda Free Library provides proctoring services for written, open book examinations and certain online examinations. We are pleased to offer these services to distance learners as part of our commitment to the lifelong learning and continuing education needs of the community. Services are offered under the following guidelines:

  • Proctoring is only offered at the Main Library. Exams must be scheduled by the Reference Staff.
  • The exam must be an open book exam and can be a paper or online exam
  • Any professional librarian on duty at the time the student comes in may proctor the exam 
  • Tests must run no longer than 2 hours if using a Study Room. Study rooms will only be held for 15 minutes from the reserved start time. After that the room reservation will be cancelled.
  • For tests needing longer than 2 hours to complete, the student will need to use one of the study tables on the main library floor.
    Students may use their personal laptops


  • The library will:

  • Receive a copy of the exam by U.S. mail, courier or email
  • Verify the student’s identification at the time of the test 
  • Provide a place near the Reference Desk to take the exam 
  • Log the student into their testing website or provide the physical exam (sent by institution)
  • Record the time the student begins and finishes the exam, if required
  • Certify that the exam has been monitored under these conditions
  • Return the completed exam, if required, by mail or email as requested by the institution. If returning by mail, student is responsible to provide a return envelope and postage.

The student is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that their institution approves the minimum guidelines above, in bold
  • Contacting the library to arrange a time to take the exam. Student should, preferably, contact the library via email at RefDesk@alamedaca.gov 
  • Notifying the library of the need to cancel or modify the reservation
  • Ensuring ahead of time that the test and all instructions have been received by the library
  • Monitor their own time and ensure that they complete the exam within the allotted time
  • Providing a return envelope and postage for returning the exam

The library is unable to:

  • Accept or return exams by fax
  • Return exams by FedEx, unless the student arranges for a pick up at the Library 
  • Monitor closed book exams 
  • Ensure a quiet testing area 
  • Check on student activity during the exam process 
  • Maintain time control over segments of a test, or the entire test
  • Keep any exam left at the library longer than one month


To set up an appointment or for further information, please call the Reference Department at (510) 747-7713 during library open hours.


Rev. 11/14/18